DIY LED Green Screen

If there is one thing that this pandemic has done it’s brought everyone to the table when it comes to staying connected. Whether it be connecting with your peers at work or your family down the road, everyone is jumping on the video conferencing bandwagon.

For those wanting to stand out from the crowd, they’ve turned to using a greenscreen. The downside is that to do a greenscreen properly, you need to have light, and plenty of it.

As I started gearing up my video conferencing rig, I remembered being at NAB 10-15 years ago and seeing a company that had a unique take on the greenscreen. Rather than a green fabric lit up with lights, they used a special fabric that reflected light in a special way. The fabric has microscopic glass beads and reflective backing that when combined create billions of little reflective mirrors that reflect light directly back at the light source. And that’s the other half of the system, you need a light source that is very close to your camera.

The Build

The rig breaks down to 3 componants:

  • Backdrop
  • Light ring
    • Link to ARGB light rings
    • 3d printed light ring holder
      • Link to Logitech c920 SLT file
      • Link to wyze v2 STL file (coming soon)
  • Light controller
    • Link to wiring diagram
    • Link to Arduino code
    • Link to project box STL file