How Double-Take Works

How It Works Double-Take Availability is a software offering from Vision Solutions.  While it enables you to do quite a few things from an IT operational perspective, like disaster recovery and automatic failover, etc, we primarily use it to migrate both physical (P2V) and virtual (V2V) servers.  It offers a way to provide my clients with minimal downtime while making… Read more →

Using DoubleTake to migrate VMs

How Does DoubleTake Work? Different types of Jobs Full Server Migration When to use Pros/Cons Full Server to ESX Migration When to use Pros/Cons How to setup a Full Server Migration Job How to setup a Full Server to ESX Migration Job Read more →

iPhone Video Routing Switch Controller

Recently I was asked to build an interface mechanism to make it easy to control a newly purchased video routing switcher. After a bit of tinkering in the lab I was able to come up with something fun, I present to you an iphone based video switcher. Attached is a video of the finished product which is an iphone web… Read more →


I ran across a really cool video a while back that showed a live production coupled with the director’s talkback. The video was very cool, but I was once again reminded of how much I love video multiviewers. I’ve built a few video production rooms in my time, but I’ve never had the good fortune of convincing anyone to buy… Read more →